Announcing: Unreal Datasmith: Beta registration is live

What kind of registration details? Email?

I can’t promise to check everyone, a bit busy building a product, but I need at least the name you used. Or, PM me, but please don’t expect an immediate reply…

hi there,
i love datasmith already! even tho i hadnt a chance to use it!
we are a company seated in Germany and have all sorts of customer with different profession.
But one thing they have all in common - CAD-Programs. We are highly interested to test Datasmith.

Can i send you a email with private information that you can check when beta will arive for us :slight_smile:
We would highly appreciate it!

thanks a lot

Go ahead and register, I’m sure you’ll get in.

I’m sure there are plenty of us who already registered and haven’t heard a thing.

It’s true that there is a manual portion to the process, which does slow things down, but we’re definitely over 60% invites sent out. Double-check your email. We found that many we had invited, and hadn’t responded, had our email in their spam.

I’m sure that happens to some, but it sounds like there is still ~40% not in the beta.

Correct, but of all the people that have asked me to check, they were already in process, just waiting to make it through the manual step of assigning a code and sending the final email. We have 8,000 registrations to work at…

I hade made some atempts at Archviz with Unreal before using Datasmith, the workflow was impossible. Made one first attempt yesterday, from a 3dsMax Vray file to Unreal and it looks amazing, textures, texture maps, lights, cameras… everything came through and it looks great from the start. I will make some more tests.

Hi, Can you tell me how to get the datasmith plugin in the unreal engine layout, it dose not come up for me.
I am logged in and have the beta permission also.

Thank you

You need to ask these questions on the beta forum. We do not respond to them on a public forum.

I hope so, I think I’ve earned one. :slight_smile:

Hello, been working with Datasmith for a week or two now and find it to be priceless. I’ve imported CityEngine assets, as well as v-ray assets for architectural and cad models. It’s a powerful and simple plugin to work with. So far I’ve not even had any errors to report, at least that were obvious and look forward to working with it in the future.

Quick question, what are your plans for indie game developers and indie archviz developers? I just got the survey for the prices and from what I can tell this might be an expensive plugin, yet very powerful. I’m just hoping you won’t forget us little people that don’t have the ability to pay high monthly fees. I would suggest having an indie or even a student version that does not include all the bells and whistles of the full featured product.

Once again I appreciate the software you have developed and so far it has made my development process tens time more productive. I would recommend this plugin to any one developing on Unreal. Thank you.

Good news: no immediate plans to start charging for it, and there will be EDU versions at some point (when we start charging for it), as we said in survey, we’re targeting volume

Bad news: there really isn’t any, “free” is a pretty good deal for y’all!

I hope you’re all attending the “Experience Design” virtual event as we’re announcing the next big step in the future of design visualization: Join Us for the Experience Design Event - Unreal Engine

Unreal Studio Beta is now officially released.

Is there any indication as to when the Datasmith for Sketchup plug-in will be available for Beta in Unreal Studio?

Datasmith button not visible in Unreal, installed the Max export and the Unreal import plugins, all installed correct, no complaints OS or network, but …

I’m going to close this post since the old “Datasmith Beta” is over and has been replaced by the new and improved “Studio Beta”. But I can first answer JoSpi’s question with these links from the Studio Support site.