Announcing the 2017 Epic MegaJam

2017 Epic MegaJam Winners

Filament - Beard Envy
Light Bearers - AnnieNation

Special Category Winners
Something, Something Reality
Ray the Robot - Matthew Palaje
Best Cinematic
CaveBoy - Jisan
Army of One
Bureau of Happiness - Succubi in Hats

Woah! Our third annual Epic MegaJam is upon us. We’re celebrating three years of fantastic #ue4jams, and we’ll make this year’s Epic MegaJam an event to remember!

Work alone or with a team (up to 5 members total) to make the most incredible project in Unreal Engine 4 based on the given theme and submit before the deadline.

Detailed Rules:
[li]Contest Rules[/li][li]Falcon Northwest Grand Prize Sweepstakes[/li][li]Intel Software Grand Prize Sweepstakes[/li][li]Intel Software SSD Sweepstakes[/li][li]SpeedTree Sweepstakes[/li][li]GameTextures Sweepstakes[/li][/ul]

If you need help finding a team, hop over to! You can start building a new team or join one there.

SideFX is offering a FREE 3-month Houdini license to all Epic MegaJam participants. Sign up for your license today! They won’t be available once the jam starts.

GameTextures has a **FREE **sample pack of 20 materials for all MegaJam participants. Hop on over to grab some fantastic materials and check out their learning resources prior to the jam!

Assembla will give all participants of the #ue4jam access to their platform for game development teams to build iterations of their game using their Perforce and SVN repositories. As a cloud version control provider with PM tools built in, Assembla is an effective asset to any gaming developer, and we are excited to watch Assembla’s continuing emergence within the game development community. To get access to the Perforce server, PM me that you will need access and your team’s email addresses. Please also check out tutorials on using Assembla and Perforce beforehand.

IKinema has joins the MegaJam! RunTime-Indie, their powerful generic full-body IK solver, is used by top studios to create convincing and super-realistic motion for all human and fantasy characters during gameplay and they’re offering temporary licenses, which will be active now through Nov 25th, 2017! **To get your FREE license, **download a trial from, then enter license key **RTi.MegaJam **when prompted in the Unreal Engine.

**100% CLAIMED! **New to Unreal Engine? Epic Games Evangelist Chris Murphy is offering his Udemy Course, Unreal Engine 4: How to Develop Your First Two Games, for free! There is a limited supply of sign-ups, so make sure to grab yours.


Here’s the list of submission requirements to win a prize:
[li]The game must include custom gameplay that exceeds the gameplay found in Epic Games’ starter templates.[/li][li]All art assets in the game must have a material other than the default applied to it.[/li][li]Submissions must be packaged for Android (unfortunately there are limitations with iOS), Windows or Mac OS. No full, unpackaged projects. VR projects are accepted. Android games can be distributed via the Play store as well.[/li][/ul]

In Unreal Engine game jam tradition, we’ll be kicking this one off and announcing the theme on the livestream on November 2nd at 2PM ET and giving participants a week to create and submit an awesome game built in the engine. The jam ends on Thursday, November 9th at 3PM ET.

THIS PART’S NEW! —> Fill out the SUBMISSION FORM before **Thursday, November 9th at 3PM ET. **<—
The form will be made available here once the event has started.

You will need the following information:
[li]Team Name[/li][li]Each Team Member’s Email Address[/li][li]Name of your submission (Please format it with your team’s name attached, ex. TeamName_GameName, and please use this formatting for your project file as well.)[/li][li]A link to a download of your game[/li][li]List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.[/li][LIST]
[li]This does affect the score, as we judge on what is made during the jam’s timeframe. Submitting an entry with pre-made content that is not disclosed may lead to disqualification.[/li][/ul]
[li]A link to gameplay footage to be included in our highlight reel on the Epic MegaJam results livestream, if you so desire.[/li][ul]
[li]Please keep your video between 30-60 seconds.[/li][/ul]
[/LIST] There will also be a 2017 Epic MegaJam project thread that will go live at the start of the jam. This will be for sharing and discussing your jam games.


This year we have raffles that all submissions will be entered into, three visual awards chosen by Allegorithmic, three special categories with prizes and a Grand Prize raffle, plus prizes, for the finalist teams. We judge submissions for their visual aesthetic, unique use of the theme, and gameplay on a 1-5 point scale. The top 3 teams will be declared our finalists.

Our sponsor Allegorithmic will select the top three most visually appealing entries to win licenses to Substance Live. Each winner will receive a 1 year subscription to Substance Indie.

All participants of the MegaJam who submit a valid entry will be entered into a drawing to win a SpeedTree prize pack. Based on the total count of qualifying submissions, we’ll be raffling different packs.

Here’s the breakdown:
[li]0-74 submissions - 1 x pack including a $150 dollar gift card & a 1 year subscription[/li][li]75-149 submissions - 3 x packs, each including a $150 dollar gift card & a 1 year subscription[/li][li]150-199 submissions - 6 x packs, each including a $150 dollar gift card & a 1 year subscription[/li][li]200+ submissions - 3 Packs, each including a $150 dollar gift card, a 2 year subscription, & all Desktop SpeedTree Packages (Desktop Tree Package 1, 2; Desktop Ground Cover package 1, 2; Desktop Grass Package)[/li][/ul]GAMETEXTURES RAFFLE
All participants who submit a valid entry into the MegaJam will be entered to win a 1-month licenses for GameTextures, a library of gorgeous ready-to-use materials and substances. Additionally, GameTextures will be providing 20 free materials to all participants.

Our “Special Categories” are for teams who create amazing games, but have something just a little different.

This year, our Special Categories are:
[li]“Something Something Reality” for the best game that is either an Augmented or Virtual Reality experience.[/li][li]“Cinematic” for the submission that creates the best cinematic. Take advantage of those swanky Composure features![/li][li]“Army of One” for the best game made by a team comprised of one single person.[/li][/ul] Winners of these special category prizes will be rewarded with:
[li]a 1-year Houdini Indie license from SideFX[/li][li]a 1-year RunTime Indie license from IKinema[/li][li]any 2 assets from Panda Studios[/li][li]an Unreal Engine swag pack per team member, including an Epic MegaJam t-shirt[/li][/ul]FINALIST PRIZES
All entries will be judged for their aesthetic, unique use of the theme, and gameplay. The top three entries will be declared our finalists. They will receive the Unreal Engine swag pack and additional prizes, to be announced.

All Finalists will receive:
[li]a 1-year Houdini Indie license from SideFx[/li][li]a 1-year RunTime Indie license from IKinema[/li][li]a $150 dollar gift card and 1-year subscription to SpeedTree[/li][li]a 6-month GameTextures subscription[/li][li]any 2 assets from Panda Studios[/li][li]the Vehicle Physics by Blue Man[/li][li]an Unreal Engine swag pack per team member, including an Epic MegaJam t-shirt.[/li][li]a “Game Jam Finalist” forum badge[/li][li]a featured playthrough on the November 30th Twitch livestream[/li][li]a highlight on the Unreal Engine blog[/li][/ul]
Many thanks to Intel for sponsoring the Epic MegaJam and supplying our community with rad prizes! I encourage you all to check out their Game Dev Program at Game Development and sign up. They’d love to provide your team with resources to help you succeed -> Get ready. Get noticed. Get big.

Each individual from the three finalist teams and the special categories winners will be entered into the Intel Software SSD Prize Raffle, where we’ll be giving away 730 Series 2.5 480GB SATA 6Gb/s MLC Solid State Drives provided by Intel’s Achievement Unlocked program.

Each individual from the three finalist teams will be entered into the Intel Software Grand Prize Raffle, where one lucky winner will be receiving an ASUS ROG Zephyrus Laptop.

Laptop Specs:
[li]Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8 GHz Processor[/li][li]NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 8GB[/li][li]16GB DDR4 2400MHz Memory[/li][li]512GB Samsung SSD[/li][li]Windows 10 Pro[/li][/ul]FALCON NORTHWEST GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE
Every individual* from the three finalist teams will also be entered into the Falcon Northwest Grand Prize Raffle, where only one lucky person will receive the Epic MegaJam’s biggest reward; a Falcon Northwest Tiki PC. (*except the recipient of the Intel Software Grand Prize)

Here are the specs:
[li]Liquid Cooled Intel Core i7-8700K 6-Core 4.7GHz processor[/li][li]NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 8GB - Founders Edition[/li][li]16GB of 2,400 MHz DDR4 memory[/li][li]512GB Western Digital® Black SSD[/li][li]Windows 10 Pro[/li][li]3 Year Parts & Labor[/li][/ul] The wonderful Ben Mears of SideFX will be joining our panel of judges for the 2017 Epic MegaJam and helping us announce the winners on the November 30th livestream.

We can’t wait to see the results :cool:

Happy developing, and good luck!

Theme Announce Countdown
Deadline Countdown

Streaming your work on Twitch? Let us know so we can follow along!
Are you on Twitter? Show off your work using the #ue4jam hashtag!

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Tutorials and Guides

Tutorials by Tom Looman
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GAME JAM ENTRIES [TABLE=“align: center, border: 1, cellpadding: 1, width: 500”]

[li]3DVirtualand - 3DVirtualand_DarknessAttackGame (1)[/li][li]43K Studios - Dark Sector (1)[/li][li]Abomination Games - The Conduit (1)[/li][li]Absolight - Maniac Hallucination (4)[/li][li]AbstractFactory - Amanda in the Bookshop (2)[/li][li]Aivers - LittleBoyNightmare (1)[/li][li]'s Garage Gaming - Conquer The Darkness (1)[/li][li]Alien Capitans - SpotlightScramble (2)[/li][li]Alpha Squad - AlphaSquad_NightRun (2)[/li][li]Amaze-O-Vision - Sea Chimes (1)[/li][li]Analogue Circle - Meronikto (4)[/li][li]Anaro Games - Vast the Darkness (1)[/li][li]ANILGDEV - ANILGDEV_PursuitOfHappiness (4)[/li][li]Annienation - Light Bearers (4)[/li][li]Apefoot - Fighting Light (1)[/li][li]AR - AR_LostLight (2)[/li][li]ATOMIC BREATH - GLIGHT (3)[/li][li]Atomic Waffle Games - AtomicWaffleGames_AlightInTheDark (3)[/li][li]AV - LightHunter (1)[/li][li]Avant Garde Homunculus - AVANT GARDE LIGHT (1)[/li][li]awesomegamesinteractive - Light fright (1)[/li][li]Beard Envy - Filament (3)[/li][li]BleedTime Studio - Cedar Peter: the Back Burner (2)[/li][li]Blue Cave - BLUE (5)[/li][li]Boilerplate - A.M.I. (4)[/li][li]Brawl - Brawl_DeepSeaFighter (5)[/li][li]Broken Palace - Torch (4)[/li][li]Caffeine#7 - Neo (1)[/li][li]Canadiadians - Tank Slyr (3)[/li][li]Carlos Xavier - Starcluster (1)[/li][li]cartboard_box - Drone (1)[/li][li]Cerebros Games - Cerebros (1)[/li][li]Chaotic Neutral - Luminite (3)[/li][li]Chronophase - The Light Bearer (3)[/li][li]Cloth Cap Games - Duggins (1)[/li][li]Code Respawn - Dark Dimension (1)[/li][li]Code8bit - Code8bit_Beyond Light (4)[/li][li]Community Effort - Penguin Pangea Turbo (4)[/li][li]Daniel Skipper Games - Knowledge Is Power (1)[/li][li]DarkSurvivors - DarkSurvive (3)[/li][li]Dead Chest Games - To The Depths (5)[/li][li]Deathclaw Inc - Deathclawinc_FlameHolder (1)[/li][li]Deplorable Mountaineer - Twisty Passages (1)[/li][li]Desktoy - Witch & Wisp (2)[/li][li]DIASURA - MOSOLOV (5)[/li][li]DiSeSe - MyWay (3)[/li][li]Dissident Games - Star Eater (3)[/li][li]Donny & Friends - Lantern (3)[/li][li]Dread Evil - Heavy Jack (1)[/li][li]Droogies - Droogie (5)[/li][li]DuncanT - Light Maze (1)[/li][li]ElectricBuzz - Edge of Night (4)[/li][li]Elsewhere - Photophobia (4)[/li][li]Ersties - Light Guards (5)[/li][li]Fabrice Palermo - SlenderGameJam (1)[/li][li]Fairy Tale Team - Fairy Tale (5)[/li][li]Far Away Studios - Dark Moments (5)[/li][li]FarNorth - FearTheNight (4)[/li][li]Feverdream - Angler (2)[/li][li]Five Guys - Porphyria (5)[/li][li]Flints grand adventure - Flint’s Grand Adventure (3)[/li][li]fogartti - The Observer (5)[/li][li]FreshLemonade - TogetherCubed (1)[/li][li]Frozen Toaster - Introspection (4)[/li][li]Funarou - BetterFindTheLight (1)[/li][li]Fuzzy Llama - Bedtime (1)[/li][li]G-Team - Whack-a-Ghost (5)[/li][li]GAMEJAMJOE - LumaSphere (4)[/li][li]Gamejaxx - Ghost Problems: Halloween Leftovers (1)[/li][li]Games or Whatever - GamesOrWhatever_ALoneFire (2)[/li][li]Gathered Spirits Studios - DarkStar (1)[/li][li]Geek Squad - Don’t Dwindle (1)[/li][li]GeeksGoneBad - Through Darkness (1)[/li][li]Good Greif - VoidLux (2)[/li][li]Good ol’ Devs - Epic MiniGolf (EMG) (2)[/li][li]GoodBye Games - Hopeless (5)[/li][li]Goose Boys - They Come at Night (3)[/li][li]GRTNS - Abyssal Zone (4)[/li][li]H6Art - The Light of Silver Linings (1)[/li][li]Hat+Dude - Deep Sea Hunter (1)[/li][li]Hawk G.D.T. - The Tale of The Light Keeper (5)[/li][li]heavyCapybara - Outage (1)[/li][li]Horse Assembly Co. - The Recall Machine (1)[/li][li]Hot Dogs - Light from the inside (2)[/li][li]HowlAtTheMoon - HowlAtTheMoon_MarbleDarkMadMess (1)[/li][li]HugeJackman - Dark D. Dungeons be Dark (4)[/li][li]Impure Rose - Slay The Darkness (1)[/li][li]issac ting - Aubrun (1)[/li][li]It’sSomething - City of Light (5)[/li][li]JAYART - Spirit of the Forest (2)[/li][li]JeliLiam - SynthCave (1)[/li][li]Jet Dragons - Armies of Light and Darkness (5)[/li][/ul]

[li]Jisan - CaveBoy (1)[/li][li]JK5000 - JK5000_TheWarAgainstDarkness (1)[/li][li]Jorge Moreno Aguilera - Lampy Adventures (1)[/li][li]JOSWA - The Lamp Of Us (5)[/li][li]JumbliVR - Molla Shine (1)[/li][li]Jun - Miners (1)[/li][li]JustJordan - Futility (1)[/li][li]JvtheWanderer - Vast The Darkness (1)[/li][li]Kart Jammers - Battle Kart (5)[/li][li]KBiz - Elemental Lights (1)[/li][li]Keep Calm - Turn the lights on (5)[/li][li]Kiwi Monkeys - The Light Bringer (5)[/li][li]KoniBrothers - Light The Darkness (2)[/li][li]Kuro Majin - Kuro Majin: One More Light (1)[/li][li]L4M0S - RiseOfMyth (1)[/li][li]Lattasoft - Escape the Darkness (5)[/li][li]Legendary Minutes - Shaanti (5)[/li][li]Leggo - KickingLights (4)[/li][li]LeMut - Darkness Calls (1)[/li][li]Light Headed - Light Headed (2)[/li][li]Lit Dynamite - Light of Darkness (5)[/li][li]LitWig - Lighten (1)[/li][li]LMGN Studios - Lightspeed (3)[/li][li]LoneViking - FeedTheLight (1)[/li][li]Los Exaltados - Into the shadows (4)[/li][li]Lukow Bros. - A Bridge Between Worlds (2)[/li][li]Lutra - (Ex) Nihilo (1)[/li][li]Mad Triangles - Kyndill (2)[/li][li]Magfersile - Time (1)[/li][li]majik - Boring School… Again (1)[/li][li]Make GameDev Great Again - Flotsam (5)[/li][li]Maku Team - MakuTeam_FireFly (2)[/li][li]Mango Wombat - MangoWombat_Gremlights (3)[/li][li]Manny’s Arrow - Dynamo (1)[/li][li]MarcelGames - WornLight (2)[/li][li]Marteam - Glow Job (3)[/li][li]Matcha-ppreciation - No Body To Help (3)[/li][li]Matthew Palaje - Ray The Robot (1)[/li][li]MCKV - Kaiya - Goddess of the Moon (5)[/li][li]Mediacore - Deep Explorer (1)[/li][li]Milo Games - Cast (2)[/li][li]MishkasTeam - MishkasTeam_ItsBreadmakingTimeVR (1)[/li][li]MMM - Sow Light (3)[/li][li]MoonGriffMedia - Darkness (1)[/li][li]MothBalls - Guard the light (4)[/li][li]N.R. Burnette Studios - Most Unfortunate (2)[/li][li]Nalsarius - The Ferryman (1)[/li][li]Naughty Cog - Light Bringer (5)[/li][li]Néotl Empire - Luminous (2)[/li][li]Nightmare - Excalibur : The light Sword (1)[/li][li]No Sleep - Akhet (1)[/li][li]Nocturnal Arts - Echo Protocol (1)[/li][li]NoGameWithoutBrain - ShadowsOfOurSun (1)[/li][li]Nonage - Ghost Town (2)[/li][li]Noobnoobs - Fractured (3)[/li][li]Northward - Writing The End (4)[/li][li]Nuldrums - Woods Of Blah (1)[/li][li]Numbat Ninja - Quantum Dots (1)[/li][li]Od1n - Awaken The Light (1)[/li][li]One Roman Army - Alona’s Adventure (1)[/li][li]One Trick Pony - Lights Out (3)[/li][li]One80 - LightHearted (3)[/li][li]OneChick - OneChick_Light 'Em Up (1)[/li][li]OptimisticMonkey - A Shot In The Dark (1)[/li][li]Orbital Drop Skeleton - Lonesome Night (3)[/li][li]Origami Bear - The Tower (2)[/li][li]OrionPetten - OrionPetten_Stories (1)[/li][li]Oskar - Enlightenment (1)[/li][li]Owni light - flippyflop (1)[/li][li]PA - Enlightment (1)[/li][li]Peanut Rangers - PeanutRangers_Starlight (3)[/li][li]Phonetic Platypus - The Path (5)[/li][li]PlayForFood - Clari Viri (4)[/li][li]Playvee - Give Me Light (4)[/li][li]Poke n’ Hope - Star Crossed (2)[/li][li]Powerkraut - Little Lantern (4)[/li][li]PrismaSlice - Axon : Bringer of Enlightenment (1)[/li][li]Project333 - EForHugs (2)[/li][li]Prometheus - Prometheus (5)[/li][li]Pugging Bears - Tales of Vast Manor (2)[/li][li]PurpleChimp - Resin (3)[/li][li]Qqlum - Qqlum_DimCity (2)[/li][li]QUADskull Studio - Hope (4)[/li][li]Randomphantom - Void City (1)[/li][li]Recondite Convenant - Light Affinity (1)[/li][li]RedTentacleGames - The Last Light (2)[/li][li]RichValleySoftware - FireBringer (5)[/li][li]Rival Software - The Alternate (4)[/li][li]RiverThomas - DarkLight (1)[/li][li]RKB - The lone settler (3)[/li][li]RO3E Interactive - Dumpling Spree (4)[/li][li]Robotic Reversal - Dead Light (1)[/li][li]RockPunch Games - Lux (4)[/li][li]Rush B - Rush_Bs_Progame (5)[/li][li]Sad Reacts Only - The First Dawn (4)[/li][li]Sad Reacts Only - The First Dawn (5)[/li][li]Sam Team - Darkness (1)[/li][li]sasaki - girl inna shadow (1)[/li][li]Schnorks - Dark Journey (1)[/li][li]Shane Silver Studios - Aerofarmer (1)[/li][/ul]

[li]Skull - DarkGuard (1)[/li][li]Skybloom - Zophos (1)[/li][li]SkyKey - Nothingness of Void (3)[/li][li]Slaughterhouse Gaming Corp - BLACKTITAN (5)[/li][li]Slayer’s Stronghold - Getting Lit in the Bone Zone (3)[/li][li]SleepOrDevTrying - Trouble in Rainbowland (1)[/li][li]Sleepy Sheep - Flash (4)[/li][li]SlippyWetsuits - The Diving (5)[/li][li]SoloDevLulu - ShadowlVSKnlight (1)[/li][li]Space Skeletons & CO - Blackout (3)[/li][li]Stanley’sParable - Luceferin (5)[/li][li]Steel Emperor Penguin - Faren’s Light (4)[/li][li]SteppeHare - IronyOfNightmare (2)[/li][li]Stickerbrush Studios - Dancing Through the Dark (1)[/li][li]Strelka - Dark Sands (1)[/li][li]Strigifo - A Slime In The Dark (1)[/li][li]Studio Axiom - Porkchop Liteboot (3)[/li][li]Succubi in Hats - The Bureau of Happiness (1)[/li][li]SumnTeam - Lumen and the Shadow Empire (1)[/li][li]Sunken - Ker Ys (5)[/li][li]Tab Away! - Overdose (1)[/li][li]Tag Team - The Bringer Of Light (2)[/li][li]Tahiti-Polypixel - Beyond Light (5)[/li][li]Team 23 - Hades, but the 80s (2)[/li][li]Team Alone - World Alone (4)[/li][li]Team Apollo - Prism (3)[/li][li]Team Awesome Cats - Shaman (5)[/li][li]Team Benny - OHM (5)[/li][li]Team Bunkworks - The Beneath (3)[/li][li]Team DeletThis - Bringing Light Into The Darkness (2)[/li][li]Team Elan - Elan (4)[/li][li]Team Firefly - To The Flame (2)[/li][li]Team Froggo - Light Security (2)[/li][li]Team Hypercane - Lambda and the Shards of Light (2)[/li][li]Team McFakeFake - Team McFakeFake_$3.50 (1)[/li][li]Team Meme Museum - Night(Light) (5)[/li][li]Team Potato - The Potato Nightmare (5)[/li][li]Team Prime - After Dark (5)[/li][li]Team Revolutionary - DarkZeroLight (5)[/li][li]Team Taco - Vralhalla (4)[/li][li]TeamIGAD - LightBearer (5)[/li][li]TeamSpectrum - ASSIMILATION (3)[/li][li]Telepathy Gaming - Hi-Vis Harry (3)[/li][li]The Barn - TheBarn_MultipleRealities (2)[/li][li]The Comrades - Photophobians (5)[/li][li]The Last minute Crew - The Lightwatch (5)[/li][li]The Ovid Team - False Prophets (4)[/li][li]The Pocket Dimension - World of Darkness (2)[/li][li]The Wild Games - My Very Own Light (2)[/li][li]The Zafarians - Floomph (5)[/li][li]ThePilots - light (5)[/li][li]ThePilots - Light (5)[/li][li]ThirdWorks - Wake Up (2)[/li][li]TimberTuc - Monument of light (1)[/li][li]Timezones Hate Us - Intense Security at Burnwick End (5)[/li][li]Tirukomi - Heart Light (1)[/li][li]ToastieLabs - Galactic Harvester (1)[/li][li]Tremendous Potential - Illumen (3)[/li][li]Tristan and Viswanith - Flikker (2)[/li][li]TRMFG - The Dream (2)[/li][li]Twisted Spoon - TwistedSpoon_LiftTheDarkness (1)[/li][li]UETOPIA - REACTOR7 (1)[/li][li]UHS (Ugliest Horse Studio) - After The Storm (1)[/li][li]Umaya Games - Vast And Various (1)[/li][li]UnauthorizedUser - UnauthorizedUser_StationDarkData (3)[/li][li]Vallantyn - Beacon (1)[/li][li]Vandervas Generator - StarStory (2)[/li][li]Vicious Biscuits - Abyssal Axolotl (4)[/li][li]Viking Pugu - Blind Light (4)[/li][li]ViRa Games - Astro Mining Simulator VR (5)[/li][li]Volatile Primates - StellarDarkness (5)[/li][li]VR Monkey - Chase the Glow (5)[/li][li]W3 - Zelvania (4)[/li][li]Wailing Ninja Studios - Our Dying Sun (2)[/li][li]Wayward Comet - Luma (1)[/li][li]We are not finished - Not finished (3)[/li][li]We Only Had Two Days - Dash From The Darkness (2)[/li][li]Why Does It Burn - Hanz Solar Haul (3)[/li][li]Wicked Pickle Interactive - Last Light (1)[/li][li]Wolf flare - light in the dark (5)[/li][li]XCave Games - Lumiere (2)[/li][li]Xxyoth - Hikari and the forest salvation (1)[/li][li]Yellow Renegades - Burn them!!! (2)[/li][li]Yes Man - Infested Shadow (4)[/li][li]Yogurt - Yogurt_Shores (1)[/li][/ul]

Alright, so let’s do this! (Might be good to open up a LFG/LFM threads (separate))

I’m on the lookout for Artists mainly. 3D and/or 2D. Tech Artist (VFX) would be nice. A Sound Designer perhaps if we have the room to spare. I’ve won a few Game Jams and while the competition will be fierce this year (and rightly so with all the godly potential team combos), I only aim for the top. So, let’s have some fun, make ourselves an awesome game we can be proud of and get ourselves one of those Finalist spots!

(A shame there’s no **MegaJam **specific badge btw)

Glad I have a little while to make sure I have the time to participate. I plan on it, and should be livestreaming in case anyone needs quick tips on setting up some BP systems to get started jamming.

Also don’t forget our list of UE4 streamers! (some of us on the list do live game jam broadcasts) A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

I’m interested in making something again!

I’m a game designer primarily, but I have a flexible and technically orientated skill set and a lot of experience working with code / blueprint. I will also be able to chip in with level construction and various other odds-and-sods, for example complex materials or post processing.

I would strongly prefer to avoid making multiplayer games this year, as I’ve done it two years in a row.

Oooh November, much better timing for me this year. I am always ready to Jam again.

Do we still preregister just you give a general idea of the amount of participants?

Can we add the video length of the gameplay footage for the highlight reel in the description? (I assume 5sec, but just to make sure) <3

For the “Cinematics” category. We had some submissions that were from YouTube in the past. They did not submit an actual .exe. Can we get confirmation that ANY gameplay is needed for that category? Basically, can a team get together and create a super freaking awesome Cinematics Trailer in game (using sequencer) and basically, when we launch it (and it should be an .exe from UE4), it autoplays just the sequence.

I don’t see any particular need for “gameplay” (in the traditional sense) if a team is just targeting the Cinematic category. So clarification on that in the rules would be great.

Basically what I am getting at is: If a programmer, designer, artists, sound dev come together, and they create something godly using the same techniques as everyone else (so programming/scripting out parts of the sequence and importing custom assets) and they submit a build with just that sequence, it should already meet and exceed what we can get from any template, minus the actual player playing anything part. But it’s a Cinematics special category anyway.

YAY!! This will be my second game jam and first Epic Megajam. Super stoked! I’m a programmer. Been working in UE4 for about a year now and still have a ton to learn. I also stream a lot of UE4 development so I’ll probably add myself to that streamers list linked above. Good luck everyone!

Aiming to do everything myself this year, no matter how gnarly the result!:eek:

>The game must include custom gameplay that exceeds the gameplay found in Epic Games’ starter templates.

This means i shoud make something based on templates? Or i can make something like cookie clicker or simple roguelike and it would be ok?

You can make anything that fits the theme. This is just a warning for people thinking that they can submit a template and simply swap the colors and only add a trigger here and there to so stuff.

The rule is there to weed out people submitting something with no effort just to be part of the raffles.

Nope - no need to do that. :slight_smile:

For this time around, we are expecting at least some amount of interactivity and gameplay.

I do like the idea of supporting contests that allow folks to focus on things other than game development, but perhaps that’s better suited to something outside of our game jams. Food for thought though.

How long should the video be? Please add it in the description! <3

“Submissions must be packaged for Android (unfortunately there are limitations with iOS), Windows or Mac OS.”

So where is all the gnu+linux love you promised us Epic?

Alright… I am in. Looking forward to it!

This sounds interesting. I’ve never participated - would there be space for a newbie with film VFX knowledge and a beginner’s knowledge of the engine or is there a requirement that all participants have a pretty good grasp of UE?

There’s no requirement to know anything about the engine beforehand. I believe some people have actually learned from scratch during a jam, which is a good way to learn. I would check out the beginner blueprint tutorials in the meantime though, that should help.

I’m new to Unreal and I can’t wait!!

Hey, not sure if my post is in the right place but I am looking to get involved and join up with some people for the game jam? I specialize with audio and music. DM me if anyone is interested in collaborating!