Announcing the 2017 Epic MegaJam

We’re requesting the specific platforms that the judging team has access to as well as those most accessible by the community as a whole. This way, we can aptly judge entries and the largest audience can check out your games :slight_smile:

No skill requirements at all. This is a good place to test out new ideas and grow abilities. if you’re looking to have fun building, there’s definitely a place for that!

I’d say something between 30-60 seconds would be plenty. :slight_smile:

Could we please have a non crowdforge-based thread here on the forums for assembling teams or volunteering your talents for prospective teams?

What’s wrong with Crowdforge? Plenty of teams are using it to its potential.

Well I wasn’t wanting to turn it into a complaint about Crowdforge but the main reasons I personally don’t find it very suitable for the GameJam is;

  1. You can only create a team, there’s no facility to list yourself as an individual wishing to join a team.
  2. Joining a group is automatic but that group may not actually accept you so you can’t tell whether the listed members of a group are actual members or prospective applicants.
  3. You have to join the group to communicate with it in any way, so it’s hard to just ask a question like “do you need a person to work with a particular 3rd party program?” or other factors that may influence your decision to join a group.

Yeah, I’ve not found Crowdforge very good for a number of reasons, it’s very difficult to actually communicate with one another through it, and it doesn’t really facilitate team-building very well.

A much more sensible approach would have been to list individuals, by discipline, and give them space to talk about their abilities and needs - from there those individuals could look at one another’s profiles and link them up in some fashion to create teams. I’ve had very little luck with Crowdforge thus far.

Anyone can apply to this? Like, I am from Brazil, would I be eligible to any of the prizes?


Yes, yes. All of them.

Can’t wait! Is there a link to the entire rule document available?

All the rules are in the first post!

Nah, he wants the actual rules. All the fine print. And I would like that as well.

2nd november is Unreal Engine Jam 2017 event here’s funny .gif animation

These will be available next week.

this is going to be epic!

I’m interested! Do you need a previous subscription to participate?

Nope! Anyone is welcome to join :slight_smile:

Hello, If anyone is looking for music, sound design or audio implementation I might be at service! Feel free to have a listen to my work linked below, you can email me at Thanks!

Hey folks!

Planning to do a (surprise, surprise) VR entry and need 2 more members (art/sound/gamedesigner):

We looking for 2nd artist to fill up the team preferably somebody who could do level design, anyone interested? PM me but if you can contact me on Discord you can find me at Unreal Slackers