Animtion Blueprint Reparenting

Hello, I am trying to a parent class for my animation blueprints; When I re-parent my current animation blueprint to my new parent class I made, no animation plays; Is there a way around this? Is it a different process to re-parent an animation BP vs Actor BP.
Thank you,

So I have noticed the animation Blueprint is getting re-parented but I lose the option for an ANIM graph in the child Blueprint. I am trying to make a parent Animation Blueprint that will do all of the algorithmic work which i can use to run my animations of Child Animation Blueprint. How would I be able to do this without any access to the animation graph on the child Blueprint? I need to be able to change the playable animations depending what character is being used.

were u able to find a way to access child anim graph ?

I never had any luck with this. Ended up just writing a unique anim bp per each character.

hmm. instead of writing everything from scratch u can first re target the desired animBp(the one u wanted to set as parent) to your character skeleton. once it is done then u will have to anim bp for your that skeleton. the new re targeted one and the original one (which u wanted to put as child ). now u can can copy paste all the node from re-targeted one to your original one.and it will work. that way u can skip the re-assigning of all the animations.

it will save your hours.