AnimNotify particles max draw distance?

When triggering particles via anim notifies (AnimNotify_PlayParticleEffect), is there a way to set a max draw distance for them?

I guess I can just set an LOD in the particle system with all of its emitters disabled, but that seems like a bit of a hack.

AnimNotify_PlayParticleEffect calls the function PlayParticleEffect which actually handles all the logic of spawning the particles. PlayParticleEffect is first attempted to be called on the Actor (see SkeletalMeshActor.uc - the only class that has the logic and returns true), and if that failed (see
PlayParticleEffect on Actor.uc which returns false) then it attemps PlayParticleEffect on the SkeletalMeshComponent (has similar logic to SkeletalMeshActor).

simply overloading PlayParticleEffect on your class and copying+modifying the SkeletalMeshActor’s version of it should do the trick

Very useful info @Chosker Thanks