AnimMontage not accessible

Dear experts,

I have an AnimMontage that should play after my MainCharacter picks up a sword and I click the left mouse button to start attacking. I get a warning in the log:

#LogAnimMontage: Warning: JumpToSectionName StandingMeleeAttackBackhand bEndOfSection: 0 failed for Montage AM_CombatMontage

Even when I compile from Visual Studio I immediately get this

LogScript: Warning: Accessed None trying to read property MainCharBP_MyMainAnimInstance_C /Engine/Transient.World_6:PersistentLevel.SkeletalMeshActor_0.SkeletalMeshComponent0.BP_MyMainAnimInstance_C_0Function /Game/Blueprints/BP_MyMainAnimInstance.BP_MyMainAnimInstance_C:ExecuteUbergraph_BP_MyMainAnimInstance:0060

It looks like it can’t access my montage or the MainCharBP is not available.

On the character I am calling the Montage when I Attack()

I have selected the AnimMontage in the BP of my character


In my “MainAnimInstance.cpp” file I have this:

#include "MainAnimInstance.h"
#include "GameFramework/CharacterMovementComponent.h"
#include "MainCharacter.h"

void UMainAnimInstance::NativeInitializeAnimation()
if (Pawn == nullptr)
Pawn = TryGetPawnOwner();
if (Pawn)
MainChar = Cast<AMainCharacter>(Pawn);

and when I debug it, it looks okay to me, I see the MainChar:

I am lost here, does anyone have an idea how to solve this?
I also deleted the MainChar Blueprint and recreated it, but it doesn’help.

Thank you, Peter

I solved this by the way, “StandingMeleeAttackBackhand” was the actual montage name, which is wrong in my case.
I switched this to my section name “AttackBackhand” and it worked