AnimBP breakpoints not getting hit

The AnimBP of my character is running and executing but breakpoints in it aren’t getting hit, not even the “Cast to PlayerChar” which was getting called after Event Blueprint Update Animation - > IsValid. That should be breaking, but it wasn’t

I have some bools that were getting set based on the state of the player’s “movement component”, i.e. “IsSwimming”, “IsOnGround”, “IsInAir”.

My computer had crashed a few times while editing the project. Maybe that’s the cause?

Anyway, while writing this I tried something just for kicks… I tried to manually uncheck one of the bools, namely “IsSwimming”.

Recompiled and ran the game. The character’s swimming animation wasn’t playing. Good, that means the animBP is in fact working. Then I re-set the breakpoint on the “Cast to PlayerChar” and it hit!

In short, if breakpoints aren’t getting hit, to my knowledge I either have to make sure the debug filter is set appropriately, or in the case of crashing while the AnimBP is open, I have to manually (temporarily) set or alter some variables in it to get it waketf up.