Animations Dropping Frames/Hitchy On Non-Server Clients

We’re having an issue where watching other clients animate plays super hitchy, almost like the animation is in step-mode or its missing frames, with a game very driven by animation for combat we need more accuracy/animations to play very fluidly without hitching.

Do you have this flag bEnableUpdateRateOptimizations on on the skeletalmeshcomponent?

That is the one enabling update rate optimization.



It has not been checked. What would be the next thing to look into?

Do you mind taking a video of the issue and post it here? If you don’t like it to be public, there is a way to post it confidentially AFAIK.

How are you playing these animations? You are describing Simulated Proxies (watching other clients from a client). I would investigate the inputs driving these animations and make sure they are being networked properly.

You could ‘view’ these client’s AnimBlueprint in editor, and monitor how animations are triggered and what the inputs are.