Animation Starter Pack Isuue - Forward/Left - Back/Right

Hi All

Anyone know how to fix the leg movement in the Animation Starter Pack 4.8

I have entered this as a bug as the character should be set up to animate correctly in those directions by default. In the meantime, maybe a community member can provide a workaround. Also, if I come up with a fix, I’ll post it here. Bug report JIRA [UE-19391].

This has been corrected in the Editor. Let me know if you still encounter this issue. -Thanks

I am sorry for necroposting, but this issue happened with me.
Im using UE 4.10.2 and all animations from starter pack with left movement are just like in the first post video.
Is there any workaround? I tried to redownload assets and that didnt help me.

I don’t think this was ever really corrected.

So, this is not a bug?? This animations with left movement works like they supposed to? Im confused with you answer ;(

Hello, I encountered the same problem using anim starter pack. I’m quite green in animation but I managed to solve it by adding 2 more customized animations (made from copies of forward and back jog animations).

Description of whole process.

  1. Create a copy of 2 jog animations - Jog_Fwd_Rifle and Jog_Bwd_Rifle and rename them to Jog_FwdLeft_Rifle and Jog_BwdRight_Rifle.
  2. Open Jog_FwdLeft_Rifle, select the root in the skeleton tree view (left hand list), then click “Key” (with the plus icon) on the top toolbar, this will create a new transform track for that bone.
  3. Now that you have a new track for root, go to the transform track, mouse over the rotation track (called “root(R)”) and hide roll and pitch curves by clicking on the eye icon. Now you should have only the yaw track visible, with one point on it (if there is none, shift click on the curve to add a new point), select that point and set the value to -45 so the curve should have that value at all points in (basically make sure there are no extra key points with different value).
  4. Create a new key track for bone “spine_01”, and set the rotation values to the following: Roll = -45, Pitch = +15, Yaw = -5. Click Apply and Save.
  5. Do the steps 2 to 4 for the Jog_BwdRight animation with exact same values.
  6. Open your jog blendspace and change the number of divisions on Direction (X) axis. Add Forward Left jog to -45 on X and Backward Right on 135 points on the axis.
  7. Done, your diagonal animations should work fine now.

NOTE: this is not a 100% for this issue, it basically shifts direction at which it occurs and decreases the angle by half. Keyboard control looks fine but players on gamepads could still see the glitch at specific angle. You may also increase your interpolation to a value higher than 2.
You can use this method to fix the walk animations.

Here is a short video showing the whole process:
[video]UE4 Tutorial - Anim Starter Pack diagonal jog fix - YouTube

Sorry if I was a bit too verbose but I tried to make all steps clear :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi, the problem is very visible in the code that epic proposes:

To trigget the issue just press they key AW or SD together. Strafe left and strafe right animations would basically fix this issue.

So is this strafe drag bug the result of not having the proper Left and Right Strafe diagonal Animations for the legs?.
Does that mean that the strafe animations were botched up in that Animation Starter Pack?

Try resetting the skeleton. Keep change all the other bones to Skeleton instead for the hips. Does that improve the issue?

This is still occurring in 4.26, when using the Animation Starter pack - When moving the character forward and left as well as backward and right, the animations appear to conflict and do not display correctly.

Yep its been screwed since day 1 and never been fixed. Its an amazing learning resource :slight_smile:

Its fine if you make your own animimations and do them properly.

this ever gonna be fixed? frustrating.