Animation Sequence Sound Notify + Sequencer not working

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
i tried adding a “play sound”-notify to one of the animation sequences. If i place the mesh in my map and set it on autostart it works just fine, but if i try and fire the animation through the sequencer i hear nothing :frowning:

does anyone know how to solve the problem? let me know if more information is needed :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking into this issue, and it looks like I’m going to need more information on how you are setting this up. Feel free to send me a test project so I can work out the details.

Hi Ridley,
i uploaded the test project right here:

there are two jumping balls in the map, the left one with working sound - but not controlled by the sequencer and the right one without the working sound - but controlled by the sequencer…^^

thanks a lot for your help



So I took a look at your project and it looks like you renamed Ball_001 to something different in your world outliner. This caused the sound to become no longer linked to Ball_001 (which is what is listed in the sequencer.) The naming convention needs to remain consistent. If you fix the name of the ball in the outliner to what it originally was (Ball_001 in this case) and then go back into your sequencer(you will notice that Ball_001 is currently in red text at this time. Right click it and select Assign Actor and look for Ball_001. You just need to fix the naming convention and then reassign the actor to the sound. The text should no longer be red and this should fix your problem. Hope this helps you. If you have any further questions regarding this thread, let me know.

-Thank you!

I have the same problem: I build a sliding-door with the ActorSequence inside the Actor. The door works great and I hear the sound in the level while the door slides open. But inside the ActorSequence I don´t hear the sound. I found this question and checked if my “door_1” is different in the world outliner. But it´s correct. Inside the LevelSequencer I don´t have the problem. But inside the ActorSequencer. Second problem is that it only plays the sound when opening the door. When “Play Reverse” (after end overlapping the box) there is no sound.

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