Animation Replication - Rate Scale in Multiplayer Game Issue

Hello everyone, i’m working on a project that involves multiplayer, and i’m stuck with a problem in replication.

Here’s my situation:

I have a character, that during the gameplay enters in a state of “tired” and therefore I want the animation to play slower.

I already made the animations to work on both the Server and the Client, but when I start to play around with this values that determine how fast or how slow the animation goes, then I have issues.

I made it work for the server but not the client. I tryed 2 ways to do it, first I changed the “Rate Scale” to 0.75 of the animation and then created an Anim Montage with that animation… worked fine, but the client doesn’t receive this info and executes the animation on 1.0 scale, I even tryed to make this value a Replicated Variable but didn’t work. The second try, was to change the “In Play Rate” of the Anim Montage itself to 0.75, but that doesn’t worked too.

What i really need to know, is if I can work with this values in a Multiplayer situation, or if I should get new Animations for the “tired state” in order to get what I want.

I’m still trying to solve this by myself, but if any of you can help me around, that would be wonderfull.

Thanks for your attention!


Have the rate that needs to be replicated live on the character as a replicated variable. Then in the animation blueprint, grab that value every tick.

Hey Cobryis, thanks for the help! I just made it work this way.