Animation replication (bone transform)

Hello everyone,

TLDR: I dont know how to replicate animation (bone changes) and need help with this

So, i did not found any good animation pack for my needs so i want to make my “own” animations with bone transform nodes… BPs above works well, it rotating foots as i want but it not running in multiplayer…

In character BP, i used node switch has authority which authority goes directly into that “calculation nodes” and remote is first fired on server and then as multicast…
Server see everything well but client not… client only see his bone rotation, but other clients or server players bone rotation not… I think i tried every node combination how to replicate that but it not working… Animations are basically replicated, but these bone transforms looks like not… Is it possible to solve this somehow?

(im using anim starter pack but jog blend space looks really bad so i wanted to use this bone transform instead of that)

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So before i updated rotation in tick in character BP, but now i just fired calculations from “run on owning client” and after calculation → server → multicast → and then i used calculated values in anim BP… strange setup but works

Are you possibly spawning a projectile from rotated bone? Cos i cant get animated bone to spawn projectile at correct transform for clients