Animation replication as it is

Hi, guys !

I’ll need your help on the next topic. I wanna to replicate animation itself, i mean rotation of the bones over the network. I have a character with ~60 bones, each bone is a Rotator = 3 * float = 12 bytes, so data needed to be replicated around 720 bytes.
I have following setup - two clients and one server, and algorythm - each frame (on every Tick event) on local client i fill in rotator[60] array from animation blueprint, send it to a server via custom event which executes only on server, and there i parse it back into rotator[60] array and then set bones rotations. Rotator[60] array is marked as replicatable. However, even on localhost testing i feel heavy latency ProjectReset 2016 11 23 22 13 26 22 - YouTube. I wonder, guys, if you might help me)