Animation question


I doing few animations for my character, the camera its attached to the head.

One of this animation, its “sit down” and the character do a 180º for sit down, i disable all imputs while run the animation, the idea its rotate the camera with the animation rotation and perhaps allow few head camera movement but force the rotation when reach a neck limit.

Since i havent DK1/DK2, i can’t check if its good or how annoying, nause problem. Or what the better way of do that.

any opinion what its the best way of do that?

thanks and excuse my english.

I think you should really consider trying to find a way to avoid the 180 spin. It is most likely going to feel bad and unexpected.

If you are doing the spin due to the player standing in front of the chair facing it to use it. It might actually be better to allow the action when the players butt is facing the chair, with possibly some hint that the player should turnaround to sit when looking at it. Or make the spinning motion semi manually controlled like have the sit button held while rotating the character the same way you handle that when standing up.

I would also avoid stopping the head control when reaching the neck limit. If you want to stop the player from looking in a certain direction it is probably better to fade to black as you approach the limit than to stop the motion.

For something like a chair you could create a blend space that animates the body to allow looking further without the head turning 180 on it’s shoulders.

Might be worth it to consider instantly sitting them down, turned around. From what I understand, instantly changing perspective isn’t as bad as an animated movement that’s forced on the camera.

Or perhaps a fade-through?

i consider all options, i looking for opinions, and a best way, and if the opinion its from users with experience using DK1 better.

i can’t test options until receive the DK2, then i think the best/easy thing i can do now will do ‘instant’ and check for opinions about that.
I prefer something more real than instant or a fade but i prefer more avoid the nausea