Animation Problem C++


How can i play animation montages, when im using a blendspace for my character?

somehow PlayAnimMontage(…) plays no animations, I think it has to do with the blendspace?
can anyone help?


Please note that in order for the function to work you need to assign a name to the Slot in Anim Montage:

Next, you should add the appropriate slot to your Anim Graph:

Thus, you’ll be able to play your Anim Montage from code.

Hope this helped!


how do i add this name?

hmm, still haven’t found a way to add a name to a AnimMontage

still doesn’t work

Hi Sleicreider ,

What call are you using to play the animation montage ?
Try using
Montage_Play(UAnimMontage * MontageToPlay, float InPlayRate/= 1.f/)
in the AnimInstance class.