Animation on import jumping and flickering off original track.

My question’s regarding animation and what’s happening to the fbx file when I import it into UE4. I’ve animated a set of tank treads that follow a spline based upon an IK Solver. Each tread is it’s own object each with their corresponding bone. The animation works fine in 3DS Max but when I export it to UE4 the animation plays, but there’s some major artifacts. The animation jumps all over the place and flickers going off of it’s original path.

I’m fairly new to UE4 and animation, this is my first attempt at animation so I’m not particular well verse in a lot of the jargon or methods. However I’d appreciate any input that could be provided. (I’ll post some picture below to elaborate on the problem I’m having).

This is what the treads look like within 3DS Max, no artifacts, and animation plays as intended. ^^^

These are the exporting options I choose for the FBX, not completely sure if I’m missing something here. ^^^

These are the importing options in UE4. ^^^


This is what the animation looks like when it plays in UE4, jumping off it’s path and flickering. My “bone_one”, or I believe root bone as it’s refereed to(?) Seems to be jumping around the most and the other behind it get off tract due to it, however the last 7-10 treads are fairly constant and pretty much follow the path as needed.