Animation on combined head and body?


I’m putting together cutscenes in sequncer. We have separated body and head for scope purpose.

The body consist of:

  • body mesh, no neck/head.
  • a skeleton with neck/head.
    We apply mocap data for the full skeleton in all animations for the body.

The head consist of:

  • neck+head mesh
  • skeleton for neck+head and morph targets for face
    Animation only consist of curves for the morph targets.

What we want to do

  • Comibne a body with a head.
  • Body animation drives body and head skeleton (bones)
  • Face animation drives the face morph targets

Currently we can make the head move as intended by

  • Put the head as a child to the body in a blueprint
  • Use the Master Pose Component
    However, doing so makes the face animation unable to affect the face.
    Attatching the head to the body gives no bone animation to the head, but the face animation works.

Is there ar way to combine body and head like this in another way?
Animation blueprint? ControlRig?
I know the do this in Fortnite, but I can’t find any deeper explanation on how.

Gabriel Flamm
Cinematic Director, River End Games

I think you can use a “Copy Pose” on the head, so that it can inherit the animation from the body, and then after the Copy Pose node you can add the facial animation.

In your BP animation graph you can use an Append (?) node. I’ve used that to add livelink face capture to body mocap. Not sure if that’s directly applicable for you.

Did u got any soln to this problem. I am having same issue

The problem is the separation.
If both assets had the same base skeleton the animations would be shared on it, making it much easier to do anything at all.

Assuming the animations play and override each other, the solution is to play the facial animation as a montage in a specific slot set up to override everything above the neck.

This should extend fine for morphs as that’s how I currently have it set up (even if it’s just eye blinking)

Ok i finally figured it out. Trick is not to use Master pose Component and use copy from mesh in the child anim graph instead

Hi @sandy234, could you please describe step by step how to fix this issue? I’ve been battling it for over 2 weeks now to no avail :confused:

Found a working (so far…) solution here (ue 5.0.3):