Animation not playing after AnimBP assigned via c++

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As I’ve been moving forward with development of my game I have run into a bug. I’m still using 4.1.1 from source at the moment so I’m not sure if this has been addressed in 4.2 or the preview builds.

I extended Character to create AtajrubahCharacter and made the changes that I wanted.
In order to experiment with camera placement and other things I created a blueprint version of this class. I achieved the results that I wanted so I decided to get back into my AtajrubahCharacter class in VS to replicate the results(also so that I can get things working nicely with my Respawn code :slight_smile: ).

I setup the skeletal mesh and anim blueprint as follows :

//Mesh settings
static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<USkeletalMesh> SkelMeshOb_AW1(TEXT("SkeletalMesh'/Game/Creatures/SkeletalMesh/Player_Character/Player_Character_Rigged.Player_Character_Rigged'"));
Mesh->SetWorldRotation(FRotator(0, -90, 0));
Mesh->SetWorldLocation(FVector(0, 0, -86));

// AnimBlueprint settings
static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UBlueprint> MeshAnimBlueprint(TEXT("AnimBlueprint'/Game/Creatures/SkeletalMesh/Player_Character/Atajrubah_Player_AnimBP.Atajrubah_Player_AnimBP'"));
Mesh->AnimBlueprintGeneratedClass = (UAnimBlueprintGeneratedClass*)MeshAnimBlueprint.Object;

Everything builds just fine and the editor launches without an issue. The problem occurs when I run the game (standalone or in-editor), the game starts and the correct skeletal mesh is in use but animations aren’t playing at all.
When I press Shift+F1 and check the properties of the spawned character, the animation blueprint is set to the one specified in the editor.

I’ve checked the output log and there isn’t anything there to indicate that something is going wrong.
If anyone with more experience in this area could shed some light on this I’d be mighty grateful.

  • MrNexy

This issue was solved with the help of Zoubi and further more Michael Noland on the Unreal Forums :slight_smile:


And here is the solution: