Animation Montage showing on Host but not Client, confused on proper replication

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on holstering controls for a bit now and I thought I had my replications done properly (I did the same steps as the other things I needed to show on servers and clients). However, now I’m running into that problem where the host server will show the animations just fine however the client server will only show the client characters animations and snap the host server character to the new position, skipping the animation montage. I chose an animation montage because I wanted to shorten the start and end points as well as control the speed, though if there’s a better way to do it I’m all ears. Its also in an animation blend as you can see.

Blueprint class event graph with the server and function calls. Server is: run on server, reliable, and call in editor. If I try the multicast option it crashes. I think all the variables that deal with the holstering controls are RepNotify.

This is inside one of the funtions. All the tutorials I’ve watched set it up similar to this way.

Inside the get holster animation instance macro.

Ive gotten this code from watching a variety of youtube tutorials and pieced them together. I have tried to look around the forums for some answers but I feel like I’m over complicating things and confusing myself. Any help is appreciated!

I will generally run my animations if through key press from key press to run on server event. Then from run on server event to a multicast event. In the multicast i will either set variables for the anim bp or I will work with detecting and playing montages. For example swinging a sword. It will detect if the Montage is playing and do nothing until it is finished type thing.