Animation Montage Replication


I tried to make a anime montage replication with repnotify it’s working well, but when I clic on my mouse the animation start on each client but it’s execute only once.

How can I solved my problem ?




This is because RepNotifies will only fire if the value assigned to it is different each time you set it. In your case when you left click, you are setting the value initially which makes RepNotify function call. Then next time when you press left click, its the same value so RepNotify is never called. So to fix this what you have to do is create a new boolean variable (lets call it bPlayMontage) and set it to RepNotify. Inside the OnRep_bPlayMontage function play your Attack Montage. Then inside LeftAttack function always set the bPlayMontage variable to the opposite of current value. This will call the RepNotify function properly.

And this is how you set the boolean to opposite value:


Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you very much it’s working :slight_smile: