Animation Live Link Metahuman issue

Hi Unreal,
I’ve put Meta Humans in my Sequencer. Then using Live Link I recorded inside of the animations BP, saved that as an anim. Put it on the character’s head in sequencer, and their eyes turned black and shaped weird. Here’s a video of my process and results:

I’d like to have the eyes back to normal. :slight_smile:
If there’s a better way to save Live Link anims that works, I’m open to that too. I just need to get this working inside sequencer.

Edit: also the neck gets longer and the back of the head is weird.

Check out this thread for eyes

You can record the face in Take Recorder in Unreal. Just drag in character, turn off all properties except face animation, record. Then open the recorded take (double click on it in the Cinematics folder). Go to Create Asset button top left in Animation window, → Create Animation → Current Animation → Animation Data
Now you can add an animation track to the Face in Sequencer and use the file you just saved.

Hey, I can’t find any tutorials on Live Link using Take Recorder. I did what you said, dragged in the character, set the properties to face only. But it’s not using Live Link when I hit record. I have Live Link enabled for the character BP in the details panel:

but it doesn’t work to record. Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere? Also, thanks for the help!

Turn on Simulate in the Play mode. Is the character ‘live’ then? If so it should record fine.

Simulate worked it looks like. However, I’m not seeing the “Animation window” or “Create Asset button”. When I double-click the newly created sequence, it opens Sequencer. And I don’t see Create Asset in the top left. How do I open the Animation window from a sequence?

Once you’ve recorded open up the takes folder in your Cinematics folder. There will be the raw animation file. Double click tgat to bring up the animation editor

Okay, so I got all you said “working”. I dragged a duplicate of my character into the scene to record with simulation, and I’m having a few issues. First, the simulation looks normal while recording, but when I go into the facial animation that it records it looks like this:

Note that the eyes are out of their sockets on bottom.

The other issue, that I’ve been having with everything is that when I close the Take Recorder and end simulate, and turn off the phone app, it keeps whatever the last recorded face position was in the editor. When I play my sequence from then-on it uses that position as the base face position. I have to restart the project to reset the facial position to the correct/default position.

Surely, I’m not the only one having this issue?
The same thing happens if you record your Live Link anims in the Anim_BP. So both it and the Take Recorder are doing this to me.

(Note: Might as well mention that I have four MetaHuman characters in my scene. I recorded all anims first in the Anim_BP because I hadn’t gotten these answers at that time. 3 of the 4 characters had that eye/head issue when I added anims to them. One did not, and worked perfectly. Not sure why. I made sure to record the faces using the same head models for each one in case that makes a difference. Thought I’d mention it.)

I’ve not had the issue of the eyes shifting so can’t answer that issue.