Animation is inaccurate when transfered from Blender

I use Blender (2.93) and the original mannequin rig (with riggify) for my game character. When I import my animation into UE4 (4.25) the IK hands are affected by the chest controller or something and the problem is as in the picture. I’ve tried different export-import settings but I believe the root of the issue is somewhere else. Has anyone ever had the same issue? If so, what fixed the issue? Any ideas are welcome, please!

ps. Not all parts of the animation seem to be affected for some reason.

A quick update:

I tried importing the FBX back into Blender after I exported it. The shaking hands seems to be a problem from Blender export. The wrong positioning of the hands is a problem that is being caused after importing to UE4.


After some research I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to fix the weird hands shaking first and that seems to be a common problem within users. I have tried the “send to unreal” addon in Blender but that seems to bring the rig like a pile of bones.

Animation of course doesn’t work either. I guess my next move is to keep trying to find a way to stabilize the hands when they are not moving. It looks like the hips controller or some other torso controller is causing the IK hands to move so maybe if I isolate the controllers one by one I can come down to one controller that affects the hands the most.

Double check your skeleton retarget settings.
You probably want to set the whole thing to animation scaled if you are importing a completely custom thing.

In all cases, you have to make sure that you export the correct set of bones.
The IK controllers should not be part of it.

Check my plugin. See if it helps.

What do you mean by

How is your character set up in Blender?
And what are you trying to achieve?

Thank you so much for your input and help
@toshicg , @MostHost_LA

I’ve been trying to solve this issue for a few days now and I was offered help by some more experienced professionals without any luck.

First I decided to tackle the hand-shaking issue as this was the most strange one for me. I was baking the animation and I was using IKs so there was no reason to get such weird rotations on the hands when they were supposed to remain (planted). After multiple attempts and many many exports from blender we didn’t get a good result. Somehow FBX export from Blender is messing up the IKs and there is always a shake.

After being unable to fix this I decided to export the animation as a Collada file and pre-render the cinematic while setting up a new rig in Maya and go with Autodesk from now on.

I will be getting notifications for replies to this post in case someone gets the same problem and manages to find a fix or blender comes with a fix at a later update.

He, yes and no.
More likely. They have had a bug on/off for the past year where Scaling (anything) causes the rest of the chain to get random rotations.
Sounds an awful lot like what you are experiencing.

I’m not sure if the latest version has this.
Haven’t exported a character in 2 weeks to be honest. And not really keen in trying atm.

It used to be rather evident.
Bring in a metetarig for human, rig with rigify, and grab and move the head.
The rest of the shoulders and torso would contort like an exorcist.

You are likely better off on a different software if you have the license.
Blender is awesome.
But it’s been complicated keeping all the ducks in a row because there are literally too many heads working at it.

The solution is to edit the rig and remove all the scaling properties from all the bones.
If they cannot scale (which normally bones do not, mind you) then the bug should not be present.

If you can send me the blend file, I’d be happy to test it and give it a go with my workflow.