Animation glitch

Hello all.
My Dive animation glitch on the blue character.
Blue and red share everything except their Controller (Blue is AIController, Red is PlayerController).
Both controller fire custom event in the Character Actor (Event : Button 1).
I can’t find any reason the animation just always glitch on blue and never on red.

Any idea of why ? or idea of how to debug such a situation ?

Wondering how one would go about debugging a situation like that, I have been looking at all the BP during play, everything is fine.
When to draw the line between a mistake from my side and a glitch from the engine ?!

I think it might have to do with the root motion / capsule component because the animation play normally when the capsule is in collision and so can’t go any further forward.
But I wonder what exactly made that glitch happen and why only when controlled by AI


After a day of trials and errors, mostly errors, I found something :
Unchecking the UseControllerRotationYaw in my CharacterBP.

But I don’t get that the tooltip says : “… if controlled by a PlayerController” and yet, it create issues with my AI_controller character … Could be an engine bug ?!

Now that it’s unchecked, no more animation glitch … but my controllers lost their control over my characters rotation.