Animation flickers while playing in editor but not in persona

I have animations that flicker while playing in editor:

The animation looks completely fine when played back in Persona.

These animations worked fine in 4.11.0. But at the same time I updated to 4.11.2 I also reimported these animations, so I can’t tell if this related to the update or to me making some stupid mistake (probably the latter).

Any help what might cause this, is appreciated.


Hey florianbepunkt,

If I go frame by frame through your video, it appears that the character is being completely turned around for one frame at the loop point of the walk anim, but the strange thing is that sometimes only his upper body gets turned around. Are you using LayeredBlendPerBone?

Can you set up an example project with your content and PM me a download link on the forums?


Hey ,

thanks for taking a look. I think this issue is resolved. Your hint helped a lot - there was an Ikinema solver node active causing this.