Animation flickers after import

I have imported a rig and animation in the same FBX file from Maya. However, the animation flickers, and produces the same effect as if I do simplify curve from the Maya Graph Editor

Is there a way to preserve the animation quality; disable compression entirely? Thanks :slight_smile:

I think i found the solution to this problem my characters animation also flickered at some point first the fix i found was remove the flickering part in my modeling package or apply compression to the animation in unreal…it did fix the problem a bit but it wasn’t a proper solution so our team researched on this problem a bit and found a way to preserve the animation the solution was when you import the animation open the animation clip and on asset detail UNCHECK
the convert scene on miscellaneous rollout but most probably in FBX the mesh will rotated -90 on x axis so we have to manually tweak the rotation to x axis…and then click the reimport Animation button…it solved our problem…but still we are researching what damage it will do on longer run in our pipe line