Animation Curves Are returning wrong value (0)

After Updating our project from 4.25 to 4.26 we started experiencing problem with animation curves.
Our Enemy AI is returning 0 instead of Curve Value while animations are playing. (Animation Curve Is not updating)
The same problem is in the multiplayer.
The Animation Curves are working properly only on owning players.

After days of finding solution I found out that the problem was option in my Character (Mesh) - “Enable Update Rate Optimization” Turn it off and everything is working fine. Don’t know why this was making the problem with Curves.

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I’m having a similar issue but changing that didn’t help. Any other ideas what it could be?

This helped me, thank you!

Hi, I have exactly the same problem but “Enable Update Rate Optimization” is already turned off. It seems that my Anim BP can’t read curves values coming from some animations. Has someone experienced this problem?

Set “Visibility Based Anim Tick Option” of Character Mesh to “AlwaysTickPoseAndRefreshBones” may help. In some cases, when the character mesh is not rendered, there will be no Tick update for bones and its curves.

I met the same issue, and final found the solution.
In the animation that I set curve, I have set the additive type → Local Space → Seleted animation frame, and I choose the first frame of the same animation.
After I changed the animation frame to another animation, the curve value become 1, instead of 0 before. I guess if I choose the same animation, the curve value may offset each other.
Im poor in English, I dont know if I make it clear. Hope this can help you!