[Animation BP] Multiple Montages - Multiple Slots


I’m trying to get multiple Slots working simultaneously.
UpperBody Slot is working fine with ‘Layered blend per bone’ node. Now i want the animations on the upper body be split again into right and left hand side.
How can I achieve something like that? I tried various nodes … multiple layered blend per bone. Some generel blend nodes … it seems like they block each other.
Is this possible in any way? Because in the Anim Graph you can’t use Montages - which would be an other way of getting where i want. But sadly … :frowning:

Am I stupid and missing something obviously?

Best regards!

You need to create separate slot Groups - not just slots - and the groups within them.

Then you can just link multiple poses on different bones with the same Layer Blend node that you see used in all the documentation on montages.

Hi MostHost LA,

that works perfectly fine! Now our character can raise each of his arms separately.
But do you have an idea, why our UpperBody-Slot-Animations now only work for the UpperBody-Part **without **both arms?

Took a screenshot of the node setup. Also tried to switch the hierarchy of the slots / groups within the Blend-Node. But that seems to make more problems anyway :slight_smile:

Am I missing something obvious again?


The order of the blend.
basically if your upper body slot needs to overwrite a slot for an individual arm, you need to re-apply the slot after the initial 2 slots have been applied.
this way it will always apply and change whatever else is being played.

You need to add another layer blend to catch the correct bone as well.
if you do this with a full body montage you can skip the blend and just put the montage node as the last.

Ok. To be honest, I didn’t fully understand what you explained. :o
So I tried a lot of things with a second ‘Layered blend per bone’ node … and finally:** It works!**

I’m not quite sure how or why, but for now it’s fine!

Thank you!