Animation Blueprint Replication

I am newbie in UE and trying to make a simple FPS with blueprints only.
I have defined two meshes per character (an arms FP mesh, and a full body TP mesh)

Besides I have created some montages for several actions (firing, changing weapons, reloading, etc) for both meshes

I manage a replicated variable to trigger the montages. This variable is changed in the server and It replicates fine.

I’m testing with a listen server and two players.
Trying to play a montage, in the server windows all players are updated (the FP mesh of the player owned by the server and the TP mesh of the player owned by the remote client) but in the client window only the FP mesh is updated. The TP mesh of the remote server’s player, does not play the montage

How can I deal with it? The basic movement, covered by the engine, and the aiming movement works fine on server and client

Please, help me!
Thanks to everyone


See What’s the Best Way to Implement Smooth/Lagless Animation Replication?

Thanks Kris! it was very usefull