Animating 2D eyes through blueprint

So I’ve been looking for a way of moving the 2D eye textures of my character around, eventually finding a solution [here][1] on a Unreal Engine 4 Reddit page, which allowed for the eyes to be moved around by manipulating the UV coordinates.

is great and all, however, now the question is how can I change the coordinates from within a blueprint so that it can be called into a Animation Notify?

Does anyone know how can be accomplished?

yes. create a material instance out of your material (right click the material->choose create material instance). assign that in your bp to the mesh.
then you can change the paramter with node (please correct your spelling in the material first :wink: ) and connect your mesh into the target where I have the BOLTS - for a value don’t choose 5 like in my screenshot, U’re clamping between 0-1 so, maybe you want 0.5 or something.


Sorry for the belated response, I only just around to trying your solution as got distracted by working other areas of my game.

Anyways, your solution worked perfectly although I’m not sure what you meant by correcting my spelling though, especially since that isn’t a screenshot from my own project. The screenshot came from the Unreal Engine 4 Reddit page I linked in my initial post, I just re-posted it here as I felt that since I copied the setup exactly that going to the effort of posting my own screenshot would have been redundant and a waste of time.

Well anyways, thanks for the help, I greatly appreciated it and hopefully can others with similar issues.