Animated tiles in Paper2D tileset

[The question has already been asked some time ago (, but neither was it fully answered nor deemed it to be the appropriate board for this kind of question.]

In short: Is it possible to animate tiles in a tileset for use in a tilemap? I couldn’t find any viable way to do this.

The feature to animate single tiles in a tile set or tile map seems important, since animated backgrounds are widely used in 2D games. Admittedly, one could probably bypass the problem by creating a flipbook for every animated tile and place it (somewhat awkwardly) at the right position in the world to account for the (non-)animated tiles in the background tile map. However, this seems to be somewhat of a hack (especially when dealing with larger sets of tiles, e. g. in the case of water). If there is no possibility to animate tiles yet (I’ve found none - can anyone confirm this?), would it be possible to get this feature in a future version of Paper2D?

I think this is def a good feature request. Make a post in that section with the feature request. For now, your assumptions are correct. the only way to do it is to create a flipbook and place it into the world.