Animated screens for computers/monitors???

Im at a complete roadblock as I cant find out how I would achieve creating an animated screen for say, a computer or monitor in Unreal Engine. Im coming out of maya and I have a few animated HUDs that Ive made, but I cant even get the animations to show up on a material in unreal. Since my Maya animation are about 200 frames, Im just not sure what I need to do to get Unreal to recognize the animation sequence, AND display it on a model. Right now, I modelling like a pdf/tablet in maya…and I want the screen to have some fluctuating wave forms on it…Do I add the animated waveforms to my model in Maya like a normal texture, or is that done in Unreal somehow. Any help would be appreciated. Im just mad I had to stop working on what I envisioning

You can store your animation in a image sheet.
the Material Function “SubUV Function” can then play this animation in conjunction with time.
If it’s a simple waveform you want to show, a single waveform image in conjunction with “Panner” would do it,wouldn’t it?

It would probably be more efficient to make your animation into a video file and play it as a texture using the media player class. Unreal supports wmv on windows.