Animated radialgradient, with soft noise on the edge

I need to visualize liquid running down a cone. I plan on doing this by animating the radius of a radial gradient. I would also need to add a large, smooth, noise (preferably animated) on the edge of the gradient.

Im very new to unreal so:

  1. How do I animate the radius?

  2. How do I add a noise on the edge of the gradient ramp?

Any help would be very appriciated!


Anyone? Any ideas of where I can start?

I think Im on to something.

I took a noise bitmap, multiplied it by 0.1 and added it to my UV coordinates. That gives me the effect im looking for. But the problem it that the circle no longer is in the middle.

So I thought that if I took my new modified uv space, and subtracted 0.1, that would keep the noise but place my cirlce in centre again?
That doesnt seem to work though =/