Animated objects in VR

Hello Community

I need to make a short animation, showing the construction steps of a small pavilion. This requires its components to appear in the scene, and move to position, one by one until the whole thing is constructed. The steps in this process should progress with the click of a button. ie - click once - a wall appears and moves into place, click again - another wall appears and moves into place, click again - a ceiling appears and moves downwards to cover the structure.

Additional requirement - all this would be viewed using a VR headset, so you could see the animated parts from any viewpoint.

SO - which do you think is the best way to achieve this?

  • use the sequencer / matinee to animate the objects, with a blueprint that triggers the next step with the click of a button? (this is my chosen method and so far I think it’s going well, however I haven’t tried it in VR yet - would it work in VR?)

  • use blueprints to animate the components?

  • maybe a different way?

I’d take a look at Vertex Animation.