Animated Object Doesnt Show Lightmap and Lightning is Dull

So I imported a animated object in UE4, I set my lights like they were in Max,

then I tried to manually set lightmaps and every animated Object is Greyish, It doesn’t show lightmap at all

after that I tried to light the scene up and see what I had at that moment Looked Like so I set a 3 point lighting, but render comes out different than viewport, So I turned on Game Settings which is what will render (I think I read that somewhere) But no matter how much intensity I change lighting stays the same

Are you building light after making changes? If you set 3 point lights in the scene, and any lights are static that affect the animated objects (skylight, directional, others), then you need to Build Lighting again to get the changes to render.

You may need to change settings for the models in the mesh editor for each one. It depends on the lighting you’re using in the scene, whether you have Mesh Distance Fields enabled or not…and if ambient occlusion is enabled + how the settings are set.

You were right, I was not baking, because it Seemed Like it was changing but it wasn’t so my Lighting is fixed

and any idea on how to Fix that Grey Lightmap problem ?

Animated objects don’t use lightmaps, lightmaps are baked lighting that gets applied as a texture to a mesh, since an animated mesh is moving and changing it can’t have baked lighting.

Sorry, I didn’t tell you that animated objects need to be set to Movable, so they’re dynamic at runtime and the lighting will change along with the animation depending on all the lights’ settings that affect it.