Animated Menu with alpha in the 3D world, need advice please


I’m seeking advice because I’m struggling with how to approach something I need to do.


This is a quick mock-up (cropped) done in photoshop for an UI.
I’m looking to recreate a very “iron man-ish” UI.
In other words lots of small animations in motion graphics directly into the 3D world

  • My initial thoughts was using the media framework but there is no way to make the alpha works if I understood well.
  • My second approach was flipbooks but flipbooks with 3D widget does not seem to work.
  • Then I found a lead thanks to an old answer on the answerhub about using sub UV but I’m not sure I understand exactly how this is supposed to work. Does that means using subsUV in cascade and rely on a particle effect to show the menu ?!

Anyone can enlighten me please ?

After making a few test, it’s now obvious to me how much I’ve overthinked my “problem”.
Animated material (using flipbook node) with transparency and the whole thing applied on planes attached to the camera…well I think…