Animated Medieval Crossbows Pack from Ironbelly Studios

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Fans of Medieval melee will be happy to know that Ironbelly Studios released FOUR ** Medieval Weapon packs **on the Marketplace! The Arbalest Crossbow, the European Crossbow, the Hand Crossbow and the Light European Crossbow are now on SALE.

European Crossbow with Animations and FP Arms:

Arbalest Crossbow with Animations and FP Arms:

Hand Crossbow with Animations and FP Arms:

Light Euro Crossbow with animations and FP Arms:

So far, we’ve been focused on modern weapons, but we’re traveling back to a time when knights brandished crossbows and your best hope for catching that bird didn’t involve SMGs.

This thread will focus on Crossbows, but as is the case with other weapon models, if there is something you want to see let us know. Also, these weapon packs will come with a FREE pair of animated arms

List of Crossbows:

Are you going to include the arrow for the projectile weapons?

Hey @Shirk, we are definitely going to include the arrow for projectiles:D

At last!!!

can you guys make ww2 guns next, German ones preferably, kar98, mp40, mg34 etc

good news !

Hah glad to see such enthusiasm!

@Pd1ds - We certainly want to get to historic weapons at some point, though we’ll probably mix it up between the various countries. We have a couple requests for the AK47 (which admittedly was too late to the party, but I digress) - I’m sure we’ll put some great German weapons in there!

awesome to hear, all ur weapons look great

Nice, something I can use :slight_smile: I’ve been so jealous with all your other submissions.

Can I request that these weapons not be pristine, or maybe have non-pristine versions (even if just rust/dirt masking on the material)? There’s already a set of medieval weapons on the marketplace that look nice but my problem is that it looks like they’ve clearly never been used. It goes against the idea of immersion when a player is holding and actively bashing a pristine-looking melee weapon into other hard objects.

I want to tell a story with my games, and sometimes that means the player (and his/her weapon) gets put through the ringer. Making them look used would be critical for me.

Ditto :slight_smile: And since I have to post more because of the forum rules, I’ll just say that I hope that y’all stay in business for a very long time.

Just a quick update Zooch, we have taken your suggestion to heart and will be packaging all of the ancient weapons with grunge and blood masks and then setting up substance materials so that you can adjust them with nice easy sliders in the engine.

Woot! Thanks!

looks great! What kind of animations would be with it?

Looks perfect for a medieval setting, though to push the limits I might add the option of a little flair piece at the hilt of the weapon (a ribbon or something to give it a little pop in color). Or maybe some paint decal along the shaft or the blade.

What you may find when making an entire set of these weapons is that everything will be brown and grey, which overall isn’t too appealing. When placed into a world full of dirt, stone, grass and typical fantasy settings, all the weapons will simply blend into the background, which is the opposite of what you’d want since the tip of the weapon is where all the action takes place.

The spear currently is good overall, I’m just thinking along the lines of further separating your pack from the competition in terms of it being the best possible option when deciding what to purchase.

I’d also mention that this is clearly a medieval weapon, and far from ancient. I’m guessing you know this already and are just showing WIP of the first asset but I’ll go ahead and say it just in case - when I think ancient I think primitive materials and processes - not forged steel and cured leather.

I’m not trying to cross promote in any way, but we do have some good references for primitive weapons (I’m biased of course) - Indigenous is Recruiting! - Job Offerings - Unreal Engine Forums! It may be helpful in some way, I dunno.

Hey tamaster92, we’re looking at expanding on the animations we’ve included in the modern weapons packs, to make sure they apply to medieval melee! So depending on which type of weapon, we’ll have swing, strike forward, spin to strike, block etc. We’re going to be updating our threads here to break up our Medieval weapons like we’ve done with the modern weapon types so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for the feedback @Zooch, we took your advice and updated the thread title :slight_smile: We’ve taken note of your thoughts about the textures on the weapons. Also, your project looks awesome!! :slight_smile:

We’re breaking up the threads for the medieval weapons to make sure any support questions go to the right place :slight_smile: We’re keeping this thread for bows and cross bows, so here’s a first look at our Arbalest Crossbow that we’re cranking away on!

Awesome guys! Thanks

Another crossbow we’ve got in the works is the Light European Crossbow, for when you want to do some damage but don’t feel like carrying around something heavy!

The crossbow is coming along nicely this Friday, with another look at the high poly textures model we’re working hard on: