Animated Materials in Sequencer

Is there a way to animate materials in Sequencer similar to how Twin Blast’s glow cools down in this clip from the trailer PlayStation Experience 2015: Paragon - Announce Trailer | PS4 - YouTube. I’d love to know how to do this. I seems like the best bet right now is some kind of variable in the material that is exposed in the level blueprint and then attached to an event track? I that correct, seems like this should be a little easier to animate. Any help with this would be awesome! Thanks.

I would use a blueprint with a Timeline to drive the glow scalar instead of matinee/sequencer. Seems a bit overkill.

To do this you’d need to use a “Create Dynamic Material Instance” in your construction script with the material set, then save the output to a variable named “MatDMI” or something.

Then in your event graph create a Timeline and use the output to drive a scalar value in the material. To do so create a “Set Scalar Parameter” node (there are 2 of them, if you get the one that uses a collection you need the other one, un-check “Context Sensitive” in the search box). for the Target plug in your MatDMI variable, enter the exact name (case sensitive) of the variable, then plug the output from the timeline into the bottom slot. You would want the Timeline to only play once.

In the material you would just hook up the scalar value to the Alpha of a Lerp node, with A being the glow color, B being the cooled down color.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

You rock! I’ll give it a try. Thanks again.