Animated Material Flickering (Sine -> Square Wave Function)

Does anyone know why my UV is jumping around like this? I’m trying to use this panner node to make my arrow bounce for attention-sake. It seems that the texture jumps once or twice per second, maybe it’s having trouble at 0? I attempted hooking up a constant 1 to A==B, but it still flickers really bad. Time period and sine period are set to 1.0.

It would appear that the multiply by .1 was the issue. I was attempting to manipulate the amount by which the UV texture was moving at any given point in time, but I am led to believe that I cannot manipulate it in this fashion because the current position is calculated based on a starting time and speed; NOT the delta time. I recognized this after the texture “re-aligning” every 10 seconds. Changing the .1 to .5 makes it “re-align” every 2 seconds.

e.g. I thought that moving in Y direction from 0 by .2 for .1 second would put me at .2 after .1 second (and it does), but the next calculation of moving in -Y direction by -.2 from .2 at .1 second would put me at 0. (It does not, in fact it puts me at -.4, because it’s calculating based on T0).