Animated Loading Screen for Different Levels

Hello. I checked animated login screens article on wiki. It was via Level Streaming. I wonder if it’s possible to do it with two different levels, not as stream levels.


You can try to use Server travel. With my old Project this was working. So you can use a loading Screen widget. You can then load as many as you want. Create two or three loading Screens. Then, when you Change the Level use servertravel and right before call your widget to create and Show.

Do you mean like this? It’s still not working. Animation still freezing in loading screen.

Yes. But without loading level. You have to set the level after servertravel. Im not on my computer (look for servertravel) it should be sommething like servertravel/mapname

Tried that but still not animated. Is it possible to have animated login screens without level streaming?

Does anyone know?

Failed the testing on the biggest console with load time a little over 30 seconds with hard drive on slow mode and needed a animated loading screen. Only options I could find is convert the whole project to streaming level which sounded like a nightmare at this point in the game.

I found and installed this plugin and it works!!! Thank you so much Nick, you are the man!!!

Wrong topic I believe.

My reply answered the original posters question perfectly.

What original poster? I created this question years ago and there is no Nick in this post lol

Can you link the post, so I can mark this as resolved.

Thank you.

Hi, you were wanting to create an animated loading screen without using level streaming? Here you go, here is a link to an awesome plugin that allows you to do just that!

Hope this helps you.