Animated Light Medieval Crossbow

Now live on the marketplace

The Crossbow comes with a first person controller and some Blueprints for you to shoot some bolts at some targets.

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Sketchfab link: Light Medieval Crossbow (Bloody version) - 3D model by CBProductions [95a6202] - Sketchfab

Comes with a dynamic blood mask (blood spreading can be adjusted via a material parameter:

See a video here: @cbproductions_ on Instagram: "Dynamic bloodmask for a crossbow. Done in #UE4 with material parameters. Crossbow will be available on the #unrealengine marketplace tomorrow! #gamedev #game #3d #indiegame"

Still looks great :wink:
Waiting for the video ASAAAAAAAAAAP !

Thanks :slight_smile: I am working on it atm.

Little update with a gif showing the dynamic blood mask.

GIF / Video showing the animations and the dynamic rain shader are coming soon.

Will be released on the marketplace tomorrow!

Sketchfab link: Sketchfab

Video of the dynamic blood mask: Login • Instagram

Can now be purchased here: Animated Light Medieval Crossbow in Weapons - UE Marketplace

Preview video can be found here: