Animated FPS Medieval Bows Pack from Ironbelly

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We’ve got a NEW Animated FPS Medieval Bows Pack on the Marketplace! (Fans of Crossbows, fear not, we will still be sharing updates on those over on the thread here.)

The Animated Bow pack includes the Longbow, Recurved Bow and Homemade Bow

So far, we’ve been focused on modern weapons, but we’re traveling back to a time when knights brandished Bows for target practice, and rather than split hairs they split apples.

This thread will focus on Bows, but as is the case with other weapon models, if there is something you want to see let us know]( Also, these weapon packs will come with a FREE pair of animated arms.

A lot of folks have asked if the Bow pack includes arrows and the answer is yes! In the pack, there is are two arrows. Here’s a look at the arrow with the Homemade Bow:

Finally! Having bought your medieval arms and crossbows , this is the final item i need. Looking forward to it!

Another close up from this pack, which is sure to hit the Marketplace any day now. We submit packs but then really have no control over how long it takes for the pack to hit the Marketplace…but in the meantime, some eye candy :slight_smile: And as always if you need something for your project without having to wait, let us know what you have in mind!

The wait is over folks! The Animated Medieval Bows pack is now LIVE on the Marketplace: Animated Medieval Bows in Weapons - UE Marketplace

Check out the demo for a closer look:

Hi picked this up today and just want to say really nice work on the bow models, but i wanted to bring up the animations, i feel that the pack is lacking some vital ones, loaded idle, reload, hip fire, aim walk/run idle.

As you can see from this image what a load bow idle would look like, i just made this using IK bones in the engine to show you what i mean, having the ability to be able to load the bow before firing its a must, having the load and aim in one animation is strange to me.

Hey there, that’s a great idea and we’ll take a look at updating the pack down the road! Cheers!

Happy to announce that we’ve made good progress here… Curious if you could give us an example of a hip fire animation that we could reference?

Good to hear, the hip fire animation would be the same as the above but the bow straightened out horizontal and arms a little more extended.

Any news on the modern bow pack?

Currently we have a long bow, a compound bow and are working on the recurve bow

Awesome news!

Ive bought this Pack, but im a “Newbie” in EU4 and dont how to add the bow to the Third/First Person because its switchable. Anyone can help me? That would be nice, i would pay for it too.

Hi, any news on the update thanks?

Hey @OverRated_AU we’re testing our the Bow pack in VR to make sure everything is good to go and should have it up on the Marketplace in the next couple of weeks here. Cheers!

Any video preview of the modern bow pack? I honestly can’t wait for it…

Hey there! We’re putting the finishing touches on it and like to save the video for the ‘big reveal’ on launch day :slight_smile: But don’t worry- it won’t be long!

Any new on the update? i need these asap cheers.

Holy cow @OverRated_AU you must be picking up on our excitement because we just submitted the update last night! Now its in the hands of Epic, so we can’t predict how long it will take, but should be soon now! Thanks for hanging in there :slight_smile:

So no update Ryan?