Animated FPS Medieval Bows Pack from Ironbelly

Hey @OverRated_AU turns out we had to make some changes to the pack and then we’ll resubmit. Sorry again for the delay but we will make this a priority after the holidaze.

Oh OK, please keep this thread updated with its status thanks.

Will do @OverRated_AU you have the patience of a saint and we are very grateful!

Are bows attached to a new extra bone like in many modern weapon pack, or you use thenative ik weapon bone…?

Hey @AngeIV the bows uses the same arms as in every pack, so yeah there is an extra bone! Cheers!

Is there a good explanation why.? As there is already an ik gun bone in ue4? However gun ik is child do hand ik so its useless to retarget your extrabone to the ik bone. Unless you know a good way around it?

We don’t use the native ik weapon bone and its because of the animations we include in the packs.

Any ETA on that update :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure we’ve submitted the update, but I’ll check again and make sure it went through! Have you checked on your end? Cheers :slight_smile:

I missed your reply somehow, i just looked and i don’t see any difference also never got a update though the assetstore, i tried deleted and re-downloading same thing, still no reload,loaded idle, hip fire animations? was the update done for the Animated Medieval Bows? or the larger pack?

Apologies @OverRated_AU the update might have been for another issue and not the animations. It’s been such a process of testing/QA for the VR Modern Bow pack that somehow the request to update the anims in the Medieval Bow pack got lost in the mix. I can’t give you an idea of when the anims will be updated, but we are still talking about it and planning it out. Sorry about the mix up.

Well this has been an waste of my time ether way, and no there wasn’t ever a update released as i checked the asset files.

@Ironbelly I emailed you about a Cross Bow I got from you. (Over buying this Pack) before you changed the description of this pack mentioned.
Still waiting reply after a few weeks. Cannot download it (Sorry, this download has expired) I never downloaded it except the first time (none since)