Animated Decals as shadow people?

I’ve searched all over, and i don’t see anything other than blood/liquid and bullet effects for animated decals.

I want to have “shadow people” on the walls that can move from floor to wall to ceiling, over doors or furniture. either by a trigger or constantly. It doesn’t really have a popping effect if I use a hidden mesh with shadows enabled, and it makes too much of an overhead.

Was wondering if there is a way of creating an animated decal that can support sprite like motions, or do I just have to use sprites? If I use sprites, how would I be able to have them “cling” to everything like a decal can?

You can animate decals in the material, which should be possible to create the effect you desire. There are just some limitation in what channels you can write, especially is you use baked lightning, but apart from that it should work. Sprites only work (actually just quads with textures) when you either know that you won’t look at them at large angles, or when you are ok with the effect that produces. I would say decals are the way to go. Check decal animation in the Content sample, I think there is material animation sample provided.

Something like this is what I’m going for. As you walk down the hall, the shadow figures turn and follow you. As I understand, sprites can have “always facing Player”, but decals can’t. Yet, deferred decals can “blend to the wall” like a shadow would, but sprites can’t.

I’m toying around with using a sprite that always faces player, in front of the wall, but behind textured glass. To give the grungy look to the wall, yet have the shadow people look like they are “in the wall”. So far it’s kind of hit and miss depending on the lighting and angle.

I’ll toy some more and provide a screenshot for anyone interested.

Hey JermFireLabs, I’d be interested to see what you came up with. I’m currently trying to do the same thing, though not at extreme levels, as the lighting is rather uniform.

Are there any updates on this?