Animate RTS building static mesh

Hello everyone !

I’m wondering if it’s possible to animate a static mesh ? From what I’ve read I have the feeling this is not possible, but dunno maybe the informations were outdated. What I’m trying to do is some typical animation that you can find in an RTS : a door opening when a unit is created, some rotating light flashing to signal that the building is doing something (upgrade, producing a unit…).

What are my options to do that ? I would like to have simultaneous animations as well, such as the door opening and the rotating lights together, or just the rotating lights alone (with another condition to play the animation), etc…

I feel like doing a skelton for every single building is overkill for what I try to archieve but if I have to do that then whatever. I just need to know :slight_smile:

Thanks !

You can “animate” a Mesh Component by rotating or moving that component. In blueprints, you could use a timeline to open or close a door. To create a timeline right click in your graph, ‘add Timeline’ and double click on the Timeline node to edit it.

This is probably the best way to handle it. Thanks for your advice.