Animate Emissive Texture with Specific UVs

Hey All,

Was wondering if I could get some input/advice on how best to approach the material effect outlined in the title of this post. Basically, what I am trying to do is animate an emissive texture for a character who has separate parts of the body being assembled and activated at different times. Let me elaborate a bit more so you have some more context as to the exact effect I am trying to achieve.

This character has emissive lines throughout various parts of the entire body (even the face) which I want to slowly fill in from a black color as if it were a stream of energy flowing upwards. Once this stream of energy completely fills that area of the body it will be activated and animate a little bit. We are setting the camera cuts and other events through sequencer, so keep that in mind.

I believe what I need to do is somehow mask the emissive channel with a type of gradient and then animate that value from 0-1. The problem here is that not all the emissives are facing the correct direction within the texture, so I will most likely need to convert the UV space to World/Screen space (just a guess) and then have it fill in from the feet up to the head. Since we want the emissives to start from the feet and end at the head, I am also assuming I will want Object Position or Actor Position as well?

In any case, if anyone has hints or ideas on how best to implement this material effect, it would be greatly appreciated.

hm… try to add another UV channel just for your Emissive sections, and use a “textcoord” node for manipulate just that UV set. Mb it would work :slight_smile:

sry for my English.