Anim Trail Particle System not using assigned material.

So, I’m trying to create a simple movement trail for a third person character. However, while the anim trail DOES show up, it shows up without a material (it shows as the basic grey checker pattern) and I cannot figure out why. Also, it only shows up if i view it from one side. After turning on two sided in the material I am using, nothing changed, so thats why I think that it is not even using the assigned material. I have the material assigned in all the necessary places: in the Required part of the particle emitter and in the particle component of the third person blueprint. I can only imagine this is a bug, as I cannot see anything more that I could possibly need to do to fix this. If someone knows something more I can do, please let me know.

Here is an image to show that everything seems to be in place:


You need to check in the materials you use for the trails : Usage-> Used with Beam Trails

Enjoy ! :stuck_out_tongue:

That pretty much, People always forget to tick it :smiley: