Angular drive doesn't work with locked axes

I am making a sidescroller so the capsule is constrained to the YZ plane, which unfortunately means it cannot be rotated on the Y or Z axes. If I want to turn the character I need to turn the mesh. I want to use a simulated mesh for the character, so the turning is done via physics; I have it constrained to the capsule.

If I want to turn the character (mesh) in this configuration, I need to have an angular drive directing the mesh. Unfortunately, that means the other axes of rotation have to be controlled by this mechanism, too, and so when I turn the character, things can get a little wobbly. Especially if I want to have a loose (not-stiff) spring so that the character turns more slowly.

So I tried to lock the other two axes of rotation, and use the angular drive on one axis… but this doesn’t work. The drive either does not activate, or the mesh flips out with body parts flying everywhere once you rotate it past a certain point. Very strange.

In searching for help for my problem, I found this page, whereby the solution was to change and integrate some of the PhysX code to allow for this kind of functionality. I’m not well-versed with the source code, but doing that would take me a lot of time, learning and fiddling around, so was wondering if this could be exposed to the standard version of the engine, or if someone could figure out a workaround/solution to my problem.

Hi PersnicketyGareth,

I have entered a feature request, UE-17793, to be taken into consideration by the development staff.

Much obliged, sir.