Angular distribution of emitter rate

Hi there,

i’m a beginner with the particle system in ue4, and i want to emit particles in an fan shaped way. But i want also control how many particles are emitted in a specific direction.
For example: in X-direction i want to emit 10 /s , in Y-direction 50 /s and in -X-direction 20 /s. The amount of particles between those directions should be interpolated. All particles must have the same speed.
In other words i want a distribution of the emitter rate not over time but over the direction. If i could control this interpolation with a curve, that would be awesome.
I want to archive something like shown in the picture below.

P.S. Unrealengine is awesome, your tutorials in youtube are realy professional i want to say thanks for setting it free.


Hello Septaros,

So In order to understand exactly what you want this particle system to do I need a little more information.

You said you wanted this to be emitted in a fan shaped way. Do you mean spinning around like a propeller. So the particles will emit at the same sped be at the same spot instead of an actual source.

Are you talking about a fan as in a semicircular way.

After some clarification I will be able to better understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Hello ,

thank so much for trying to help me.

My english isn’t as good as it should be so i rendered a little graph in blender.

no spinning around; all particles must have the same speed;

The reason why it is so important for me to get exact this particle behavior:

I’m a german engineer at a university where i’m involved in the education of new engineer students. I want to visualize the radiation measured in the raman-spectroscopy-experiment for the students. And i also want to virtualize some other experiments with the UnrealEngine.
(I dont teach teach the UE4. I use the engine to teach physics in a new way)
So if the particle behavior isn’t correct, i’ll certainly get in trouble with some students :wink:

Again many thanks in advance


Let me know if I am on the right track with this. I can refine it a bit through multiple emitters and setting their distribution range.

Yeah i think it s okay about.

I tried myself a little bit more, and think i ll use something about 10 to 16 transmitters to “fake” the effect i want. All setup with a startvelocity of 100 in X-direction an a little distribution in Y / -Y of about 5 to 10.

Is there a solution to control the emitter rate by a blueprint? so i could setup a formula that calculates the different emitter rates out of my given curve.

But first i try to find tutorials about particlesystems and blueprints and only if it does not go any further i ll come back to you.

I 'm really excited about your support and again i want to thank you for your time spent on me.

Best regards from Zweibrücken (Reinland Palatinate)



Let me know if you need anymore assistance with this.


It works, it’s nice and it’s connected with a blueprint.
If you’re intrested:


I ve coloured the different emitters for debugging purposes.

Have a nice day.

Glad I could help. Hope your students will like it.