Android - Textures Break After Returning From Background

Hey everyone!

I’m porting my GearVR application to Daydream (Lenovo Mirage Solo). The game runs perfectly, but when I take the headset off and then put it back on, all the textures turn black. After a delay (1 - 20 seconds), the textures come back. Once I’ve done this once, every subsequent on/off of the headset works without any issues (during the same session). A few times, the textures all change to one specific texture - this has only happened twice though (it’s a little hard to tell because the texture they change to is mostly black).

Here’s everything I’ve done to try and solve this:

  • Upgrade from 4.18 -> 4.19
  • Start a new project and migrate assets over
  • Reimport the textures
  • Recreate the materials using those textures
  • Package without using a pak file
  • Read the logcat/logs… nothing unusual

I have ported a different game over to Daydream and it did not have this issue. I don’t have a clue of how to debug this further.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I’d appreciate any guidance or ideas of where to look. The game looks like trash when every texture is black for 1-20 seconds.