Android skip the Main Menu

Hi there, my masters!

I’ve a problem with an android game.
I’ve a level with the Main Menu and another one with the First Game Level.

I already put in “Project Settings > Maps & Modes > Default Maps” the “Main Menu” level. When I test the game in Unreal works right. If I export the project for Windows, works right too. But when I export the project for android, in game appears the First Game Level, and not the “Main Menu”.

The “Main menu” have a GameMode diferent from the First Game Level. In Project Settings>Maps&Modes I put the GameMode from the “Main Menu” too.

What can be happening? I don’t know what to do :S

Well … I’ve been with this problem for 6 days. I make this post and … I solve it myself after an hour! Since I have asked the question, I put the answer.

If someone else has this bug (unreal doesn’t change your default game level, or the name of your game), just in the launch of unreal, right click on your project and create a clone. This will tell you that there are some problems, let him to continue. In the new project everything works fine!